Standardized address and candidates are truncated at 30 characters

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The list of interactive rematch candidates and standardized address are truncated to 30 characters. This occurs when working with the single field geocoding style.


The address table's KeyField defaults to 30 characters when using the Single Field geocoding style.

Solution or Workaround

Edit the key_1.mat, key_1.dct, Single Field (GDB).lot, and Single Field (File).lot files to support a field length greater than 30 characters.

  1. Open a Text Editor.
  2. Open file, key_1.mat stored in ..\arcgis\arcexe81\Geocode folder. Make certain "All Files" are listed for file types.
  3. Change the length value from 28:

    VAR KeyField    1 28 S ; Key value

    to the desired length:

    VAR KeyField    1 50 S ; Key value

  4. Save your edits.
  5. Do steps 2-4 for file, key_1.dct.
  6. Open file, Single Field (GDB).lot from ..\ArcGis\arcexe81\Locators.
  7. Change the FieldSizes value from 30:

    FieldSizes         = 30

    to the desired length:

    FieldSizes         = 50

  8. Save your edits.
  9. Do the steps 6-8 with file, Single Field (File).lot.
  10. Rebuild the geocoding service using the Single Field style after changes are made.

Article ID:000004924

  • ArcMap 8 x

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