SQL syntax for LIKE statement uses the characters: % and _

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


Getting syntax errors or a blank table when attempting wildcard character searches using the LIKE SQL statement.


The LIKE statement needs to be used as part of the WHERE clause. Use the percent sign ( % ) for a global wildcard character and the underscore ( _ ) for a single character wildcard.


Consider a table called 'Categories' and a Field called 'CategoryID'. To find a particular record that contains, for example, the word 'seafood'. Use the following syntax in the SQL Connect dialog box:

Select: *
from: Categories
where: Categories.CategoryID like 'Sea%'


where: Categories.CategoryID like 'Seafoo_'


Do not use the asterik ( * ) as the global wildcard character, the question mark ( ? ) as a single character wildcard, or the pound sign ( # ) as a single character wildcard. They do not give correct results in the LIKE statement.

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