Sonic DLA Drive - Invalid directory entry has been encountered, some content may be lost

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

While attempting to install ESRI software using a CD or DVD drive equipped with Drive Letter Access software (DLA), the following error may appear:

"Sonic DLA Drive - Invalid directory entry has been encountered, some content may be lost."


Sonic DLA software believes that the CD or DVD-ROM drive is attempting to write data to a finalized ESRI software installation CD or DVD.

Solution or Workaround

There are three known ways to work around this issue.

1) Temporarily disable the DLA software per the following instructions:

a. Right-click the drive name in My Computer.
b. Select Properties from the shortcut menu.
c. Click the DLA tab on the Properties dialog box.
d. Click the 'Enable DLA on your drives' checkbox until the checkmark disappears.
e. Click OK.

2) Copy the installation media locally to a folder on the machine, and run ESRI.exe.

3) Place the install CD into another CD or DVD-ROM drive on a machine on the same network as the machine the software was originally intended to be installed on:

a. Exit out of the Software installer splash screen.
b. Open Windows Explorer.
c. Navigate to the CD or DVD-ROM drive in which the installation media has been placed.
d. In Windows Explorer, right click the drive, and select 'Sharing and Security'.
e. Select the radio button beside 'Share this Folder'.
f. Move to the machine on which ArcGIS is intended to be installed.
g. Use 'My Network Places' to navigate to the machine and shared CD or DVD-ROM drive in which the install media is located.
h. Double-Click on ESRI.exe, and proceed to install the software from the splash screen.

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