Some features are labeled more than once

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Sometimes ArcMap places more than one label for the same feature


There are several possible causes:

· When labeling lines or polygons, an option can be set for controlling whether features having the same field value should be labeled separately or not. For example, the state of Hawaii consists of seven islands, each one of them can be labeled separately as “Hawaii” or only one label can be placed for all of them.

· Connected line features not having the exact same value for the label field are labeled separately. For example, if one segment has a blank or misspelled field value, the adjacent features are treated as unique and each gets a label.

· Labeling features based on a joined field that has a one to many match causes one label to be placed for a feature for each matching record even though they have the same value.

Solution or Workaround

Only the first two cases have possible workarounds.

  • Make sure the 'Duplicate labels' option on the Placement Properties dialog box is set as desired.
    [O-Image] Label Placement Options(Lines)

  • Make sure that connecting features have the same value for the field you are labeling on (if desirable).

Article ID:000003113

  • ArcMap 8 x

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