Some ArcMap features do not display when symbolizing proportional values

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The proportional symbols method can cause some features not to display.


The proportional symbols method only works with positive values. If the value field has values less than or equal to zero, a message box will alert you of the exclusion these values. If these values are not excluded, the features will not be drawn.

Solution or Workaround

Exclude values less than or equal to zero.

  1. Click the Exclude button on the Proportional Symbols dialog box.
  2. Build an exclusion query.
    A. Click the Query tab.
    C. Double-click the field with exclusion value.
    D. Double-click an operator.
    E. Double-click the value exclusion value. If value isn't listed, click the Complete List button.
    F. Click Apply to execute the expression and exclude values.

    [O-Image] Using exclusion
  3. Click a symbol to display the excluded data.
    [O-Image] Exclusion symbol

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  • ArcMap 8 x

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