Setup ArcIMS Tasker for cleanup of files created by ArcMap Server

Last Published: April 25, 2020


ArcMapServer creates images needed for the TOC (png, bmp) and other temporary files (mdb, ldb, aux, sdr, tmp and mem) under the current user’s TEMP directory. By default, ArcIMS Tasker does not remove these files. By updating the tasks.xml file, with the information provided in this artcile, the Tasker can be configured to periodically delete these files.

This procedure to cleanup files created by ArcMap Server applies only to ArcIMS Tasker installed on Windows. When ArcIMS Tasker runs on UNIX or LINUX, with ArcMap Server installed on Windows, the tasker cannot be used for cleanup of these files.


  1. Identify the TEMP directory location for the user logged on to the machine running ArcMapServer. The default location of TEMP folder is -

    Windows 2000/Windows XP:
    C:/Documents and Setting/<user_id>/Local Settings/Temp

    Windows NT: C:/Winnt/Profiles/<user_id>/LocalSettings

    If the TEMP directory could not be found in the above location, refer to the TEMP variable setting for the user under system properties.

    Windows 2000:
    Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Advanced Tab-Environmental Variables

    Windows XP: Start-Control Panel-System-Advanced Tab-Environmental Variables

    Windows NT: Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Environment Tab

    If ArcMapServer is installed on multiple machines, the location of TEMP folder on each machine has to be identified.

  2. If ArcIMS Tasker is installed on a different machine than Arcmap Server, share the TEMP folder on the ArcMap Server machine and provide full control of this folder to the user that is used to start the ArcIMS Tasker service.
  3. Open Tasks.xml file located under the folder <ArcIMS Install location>\AppServer\Tasker in a text editor.
  4. A. For a single server configuration (All ArcIMS components on a single machine) include the line:

    <CLEANUP dir="Location of TEMP" exts="mdb,ldb,aux,sdr,tmp,mem,jpg,bmp,png" interval="60" />

    between <TASKS> and </TASKS>

    Interval is in minutes.

    Use absolute path (Example - C:/Documents and Settings/UserName/Local Settings/Temp) to the location of TEMP folder.

    B. For a distributed configuration (ArcMap Server on multiple machines) include the following line for each ArcMap Server machine:

    <CLEANUP dir="Location of TEMP in Machine 1" exts="mdb,ldb,aux,sdr,tmp,mem,jpg,bmp,png" interval="60" />

    <CLEANUP dir="Location of TEMP in Machine 2" exts="mdb,ldb,aux,sdr,tmp,mem,jpg,bmp,png" interval="60" />

    between <TASKS> and </TASKS>

    Use UNC path (Example - \\machine1\Documents and Settings\UserName1\Local Settings\Temp) to the location of TEMP folder.

    Save and close the Tasks.xml file after these changes are made.
  5. Stop and start ArcIMS Tasker for the new settings to take effect.

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