Set up the Show State Demographics Extension in ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The instructions provided describe how to set up the Show State Demographics sample extension in ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint.

• Download the extensions and upload them to the document library.
• Build the PieChart.xap file in Visual Studio.
• Add the Web Parts to the SharePoint site.
• Add the PieChart.xap file to the ClientBin on the SharePoint machine.


  1. Download the Web Parts
    A. Go to ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint | Interactive SDK - Show State Demographics. Click the Download Sample button above the Live Sample map and save the file to the local machine.

    [O-Image] Show State Demographics Sample Page
    B. Go to Repository of Extensions for ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint - ArcGIS Mapping Extensions. Click MapCommandToWebPart_Command and save the .xap file to the local machine.

    [O-Image] ArcGIS Mapping Extensions
  2. Build .xap file
    Prepare the MapCommandToWebPart_PieChart file to be a Silverlight user control.
    A. Open the folder and double-click MapCommandToWebPart.sln. The file opens in Microsoft Visual Studio.

    B. In the Solution Explorer window, right-click MapCommandToWebPart_PieChart and select Build.

    C. The MapCommandToWebPart_PieChart.xap file is created in a new Bin folder.

    If the .xap file is saved in the Web Server folder, for example the 'wwwroot' folder in IIS, the URL is
    http://<SharePoint server name>/MapCommandToWebPart_PieChart.xap

    [O-Image] MapCommandToWebPart_PieChart
  3. Make the extension available to the Map Web Part
    A. In the SharePoint edit mode, navigate to the Site Actions menu and select Site Settings.

    B. Under the ArcGIS Mapping Administration heading, click Extensions.

    C. The Upload Document dialog box appears. Click the Browse button to open the Choose file dialog box. Locate and select MapCommandToWebPart_Command.xap, then click Open.

    D. The file is added to the library.

    For more information visit ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint - Configuring Extensions

  4. Add the Silverlight Web Part
    A. In the SharePoint edit mode, navigate to the Site Actions menu and select Edit Page.

    B. Click Insert on the Edit Tools ribbon and select Web Part.

    C. Under Web Parts, click Silverlight Web Part and then click the Add button.

    [O-Image] Add Silverlight Web Part
    D. Enter the URL of the Pie Chart Silverlight user control (refer to Step 2).

    [O-Image] PieChart Silverlihgt URL
  5. Add the Silverlight Web Part to the 'Web Server Extensions\14' folder on the SharePoint machine
    A. Open the folder that contains the MapCommandToWebPart_PieChart.xap file.

    B. Right-click the MapCommandToWebPart_PieChart.xap and select Copy.

    C. Naviate to C: > Program Files > Common Files > Microsoft Shared > Web Server Extensions > 14 > TEMPLATE > LAYOUTS > ClientBin.

    D. Right-click in the folder and select Paste.

    E. The MapCommandToWebPart_PieChart.xap is added to the folder.

    Default file location:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\ClientBin

    [O-Image] Folder on SharePoint machine
  6. The Show State Demographics Extension is added to SharePoint
    The Demographic Data Command tool is added to the ArcGIS Map Web Part ribbon, and the Pie Chart is added to the SharePoint display.
    [O-Image] Demographic Data Command tool

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