Set up the Java Connector Samples for Windows IIS and Tomcat

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Use this document to set up the Java Connector Samples for Windows IIS and Tomcat.


Preliminary Requirements:
- ArcIMS Diagnostic tests 1 and 2 must succeed.
- A J2SDK must be installed (this is typically installed with ArcIMS).

  1. Install the Java Connector (if not yet installed).

    To install the Java Connector, it is necessary to run the ArcIMS 9.2 Java ADF installer and select the Java Connector from the 'components to install' screen.

    - This creates a java_connector folder in <ArcGIS dir>\java\web.
    - This also creates a samples folder in <ArcGIS dir>\java.
  2. Configure the Java Viewer with Tomcat and IIS:
    - Copy the jspviewer.war and jspsamples.war files located in <ArcGIS dir>\java\samples\arcims to the <tomcat dir>\webapps and restart Tomcat.

    - In IIS, create two virtual directories as follows:
    * jspviewer point it to <tomcat dir>\webapps\jspviewer
    * jspsamples point it to <tomcat dir>\webapps\jspsamples

    - Edit <tomcat dir>\conf\ and add at the bottom:
  3. Check to make sure that ArcIMS Diagnostics test 1 and 2 still work.
  4. Create the SantaClara service:
    - Edit SantaClara.axl located in <arcims dir>\Samples\TutorialData\AXL

    - Verify that the directory in <SHAPEWORKSPACE> is pointing to the Santa Clara Data location:
    <arcims dir>\Samples\TutorialData\SantaClara, change if needed.

    - Create an image service in ArcIMS Administrator from the SantaClara.AXL file, name the service 'SantaClara'.
  5. View samples by typing the following URLs:
    - http://<machine_name>.<domain>.com/jspviewer
    - http://<machine_name>.<domain>.com/jspsamples

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