Set the maximum size limit for data extracted using Extract Server

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The maximum size of a zip file created by the Extract Server can be limited by setting a SIZELIMIT parameter in the Extract Server configuration file (aimses.cfg).


  1. Open the aimses.cfg file in a text editor.

    On Windows, this file is located in the folder <ArcIMS Installation Directory>\Server\Etc

    On UNIX and LINUX, this file is located in the directory <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/Etc/

  2. Add the following lines before the line </SERVERCOMPONENT>:

    <PARAMETER name="sizelimit" value="1024" />

    The value of the PARAMETER sizelimit defines the maximum size of the extract zip file in Kilobytes (KB). The size limit will apply to all GET_EXTRACT requests made to the services using this Spatial Server.

    If multiple Spatial Servers are being used, repeat Steps 1 & 2 for each physical Spatial Server.
  3. Stop and Start the ArcIMS Monitor service.

    There is a specific sequence to follow when stopping and restarting the ArcIMS services (Windows) or processes (UNIX).


    Stop them in the following order:
    A) ArcIMS Tasker
    B) ArcIMS Monitor
    C) ArcIMS Application Server

    Start them in the opposite order you stopped them:
    A) ArcIMS Application Server
    B) ArcIMS Monitor
    C) ArcIMS Tasker

    For further information about the stop and start of ArcIMS services on Windows or Linux operating systems, see the articles listed in Related Information below.

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