Set the ArcMap or ArcGlobe Data window size in pixels for ensuring a consistent AVI height and width

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The ArcMap and ArcGlobe Data window size can be set by changing a single registry setting, by having a workflow, whereby a minimal set of toolbars is always on, and by turning off the table of contents. To control the size and width of an AVI, it is necessary to ensure that the height and width of the dataframe in ArcGlobe or ArcMap is configurable.

Users often want their videos to be a consistent size; for example, if they are all to be used in a widescreen format. Also, many video tools require videos to be the same dimension if they are to be joined together. A useful technique for creating a video several minutes in length is to create many smaller videos that have the same camera settings at the points of transition. These videos are then joined together with a program, such as VirtualDub, to create a seamless, long video.


The process for controlling the window involves a few steps. The steps are similar for either ArcGlobe or ArcMap.

  1. Open ArcGlobe. Turn on the minimal number of toolbars. Close the table of contents window. Close ArcGlobe.
  2. In the registry, navigate to:


    The four numbers for this registry key control the position and size of the ArcGlobe application. The first two numbers are the X and Y for the window position. The second two numbers are the X and Y for the application size. If the ArcGlobe window is resized and ArcGlobe is closed, the four numbers change. Alternatively, personally selected numbers can be entered to ensure that they are the same across sessions.

    For ArcMap, replace ArcGlobe in the path with ArcMap.

  3. In the registry, navigate to:


    This setting controls whether the window is maximized or not. Set this value to 0 so it uses the resizable settings from step 2.

    For ArcMap, replace ArcGlobe in the path with ArcMap.

  4. Open ArcGlobe and verify that the application size is what was entered in the registry. The dataframe window is also consistent since a minimal set of toolbars is turned on and the table of contents window is not visible.

Article ID:000009731

  • ArcMap 8 x
  • ArcMap 9 x
  • Legacy Products

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