Server returned: Error in response from custom Service

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When identifying, querying, selecting or hyperlinking features in the HTML viewer, the following error is returned:

"Server returned: Error in response from custom Service"
[O-Image] Error in custom service error


One common cause for this error is that the Query Virtual Server has become disassociated from the Spatial Server. Another possible cause is that the ArcIMS Serialization (*.SEZ) files have become corrupt. Solutions for both causes are given below.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Re-associate the Query Virtual Server with the Spatial Server.

    A. Open Administrator.

    B. In the folder tree window on the left, click on Servers.

    C. In the main window on the right, click on QueryServer1 and then click the Properties button.

    D. Make sure the check box next to <machine_name>_1 is checked. If it is not checked, click the checkbox to associate QueryServer1 with the Spatial Server, then click OK.

    E. In the folder tree window, click on Services, then click the refresh button in the toolbar.

    F. Perform an identify, selection, hyperlink or query on a feature in the HTML Viewer to see if the requested attributes are returned.

  2. If the above solution does not work, it may help to delete the existing serialization files ArcIMSFolders.sez and ArcIMSSite.sez and allow ArcIMS to re-create them.

    A. Open ArcIMS Administrator and record the following information for each Map Service that was previously created, since each Map Service needs to be re-created:
    - Name (Case Sensitive)
    - Map File Location
    - Virtual Server

    B. Navigate to the directory <drive>:\Program Files\ArcGIS\ArcIMS\AppServer and delete or rename the following two files:
    - ArcIMSFolders.sez
    - ArcIMSSite.sez

    C. Open the Windows Services panel and stop the three ArcIMS Windows services in the following order:
    - ArcIMS Tasker
    - ArcIMS Monitor
    - ArcIMS Application Server

    D. Open the Windows Services panel and start the three ArcIMS Windows services in the following order:
    - ArcIMS Application Server
    - ArcIMS Monitor
    - ArcIMS Tasker

    E. Open ArcIMS Administrator and re-create each Map Service that was recorded in Step A above.

    F. Test the ArcIMS Web site.

    If the problem persists, contact ESRI Support for additional assistance.

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