SDTSIMPORT: error reading LE01 module on Windows NT

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


Attempting to convert SDTS data downloaded from USGS produces the following error:

"error reading LE01 module (record #8)
missing FLIPS 123 subfield format definition
bailing out of ..."


The WinZip utility is corrupting the SDTS data. When the "TAR File Smart CR/LF Conversion" box is checked, the LE01 module is damaged. This causes the SDTSIMPORT command to crash.


SDTS data downloaded from USGS is g-zipped and archived in a .tar file. The popular utility WinZip can be used to decode and extract this data.

Prior to extracting the SDTS files with WinZip, the following must be done: from the OPTIONS menu select CONFIGURATION, click the MENU (or miscellaneous) tab and make sure the "TAR File Smart CR/LF Conversion" box is UNCHECKED.


If a UNIX machine is available, the data can be decoded, extracted, and then transferred to the NT machine for ArcInfo processing. If the NT and UNIX machines are on a network, SDTSIMPORT will convert files across the network. If FTP is used for transferring, remember the SDTS files are in binary format.

If a UNIX machine is not available a different utility, such as "dostar" can be downloaded from the Internet, such as the "Java Resources" site:
Unzipping and untarring the data on UNIX does not cause the problem discussed above.

SDTS data can be downloaded from USGS site below.

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