SDE 3.x for Informix: Unable to setup attribute table for insert (shp2sde)

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Running shp2sde like this:

shp2sde -o create -l rows_B,shape -f rows -S "Rights of Ways" -g 256,0,0 -c 1000 -x 6000000,1800000,1000 -a all -G 26946 -e a+ -v -u sdetest -p passwd -s server1 -D mydb -i sde5152

Produces this error:

ESRI SDE Shape to Layer Loading Utility Tue Jul 11 08:50:23 2000
SDE Code (-51)= Underlying DBMS error
Extended DBMS error code: 0
Underlying DBMS error
Unable to setup attribute table for insert.
Delete layer "rows_B" ...


The shape file contains an attribute column that is an Informix reserved word.

Solution or Workaround

Use a column name translation file, e.g. "-a file=translate.txt". This file contains a list of all attribute columns to include from the shape file into the layer, as well as a new name for any columns that are reserved words. The file contents would look like this:

row rightofway

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