Save customizations to default HTML template

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to save customizations to default HTML template. Certain customizations, such as a company logo, frameset modifications, colors, toolbar modifications and new or modified functions must be used for all Web sites created using the ArcIMS Designer Application. This article describes how to save customizations and create new html template (html.jar) file.


The following procedure describes the steps needed to compile a new .jar file that can be used as the HTML template for ArcIMS Designer. As these steps involve making some minor changes to your already customized Web site, make a copy of the customized HTML Viewer and then perform these changes on the copy.

Before completing the following steps it is necessary to make sure that your machine has a full JDK (J2SDK) installed on it and not just a JRE.

  1. In the <drive>:\ArcIMS\Website\Website_name directory, open the viewer.htm file.
  2. Replace the value of the variable theTitle with "###TITLE###"
  3. Save your changes and close the viewer.htm file.
  4. Open the ArcIMSparam.js file in any text editor. Find the following lines:

    //* parameters set by Designer *
    var imsURL = 'http://esri_test/servlet/com.esri.esrimap.Esrimap?ServiceName=hyper_links_2';
    var imsOVURL = 'http://esri_test/servlet/com.esri.esrimap.Esrimap?ServiceName=hyper_links_2';
    // End of Designer set parameters

    Replace all of the lines above including those indicated with the ellipse (...) with the following:

    //Do not edit the following line
    //Do not edit the above line
    //End of Designer set parameters

    Save and close the ArcIMSparam.js file.

    The key to the above sequence is the word DESIGNERSETSPARAMETERS, it must be spelled exactly as above. This notifies Designer to look for the lines above and replace them with user set parameters.

  5. Open a command prompt and navigate to:


  6. Type the following command:

    jar -cvf myhtml.jar *.*

    You should see a list of all the files from your customized Web site that are being included in the .jar

  7. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the following directory:


  8. Copy the myhtml.jar file to the following directory:

    <drive>:\Program Files\ArcGIS\ArcIMS\Manager\Designer\templates

  9. Rename the existing html.jar file in the templates directory to old_html.jar
  10. Rename the myhtml.jar file to html.jar
    The new template should now be used every time you use ArcIMS Designer to create an HTML Viewer site.

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