Running the Server_diag_tool script returns FAIL for Tomcat process on Solaris

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When running the Server_diag_tool from the $AGSHOME/scripts directory, the following failure occurs for the Tomcat process:

"check process: arcgis/java/manager/service/tomcat as ArcGIS_Owner..........[FAIL]".

$AGSHOME refers to the $ArcGIS Server installation directory.
$ArcGIS_Owner refers to the install owner of ArcGIS Server.


The problem is related to the use of the standard "ps -ef" command in Solaris, which is limited in terms of the number of characters it can store and display in the command line buffer; the limit being 80. The ArcGIS Server diagnostic script ($AGSHOME/script/Server_diag_tool) uses this ps command to check if the process is running, hence a FAIL result is returned.

Solution or Workaround

This message can be safely ignored by manually ensuring the Tomcat process started successfully. To ensure that the Tomcat process started successfully, follow the instructions provided below:

Browse to /usr/ucb directory and run the following command:

# ./ps -auxww | grep java

That greps for the running Tomcat (java) process, which indicates that the process is actually running. The above command runs with the -w option, which uses a wide output format; that is, 132 columns rather than 80.

The wide output option can be viewed only by a superuser or the user who owns the process. See the Related Information section below for the SUN Solaris ps command man page reference.

Below is the output of the /usr/ucb/ps command for the Tomcat process we are checking:

ArcGIS_Owner  18864  0.1  6.7233000135480 pts/7  S 11:03:31  0:38 ../jre/bin/java -jar
-Xrs -Duser.dir=AGS_HOME/java/manager/service/tomcat -Dcatalina.base=
AGS_HOME/java/manager/service/tomcat/managerappserver -Djava.endorsed.dirs=
AGS_HOME/java/manager/service/tomcat/bin/bootstrap.jar start

Below is an example output:

ags       18864  0.1  6.7233000135480 pts/7  S 11:03:31  0:38 ../jre/bin/java -
jar -Xrs -Xms256m -Xmx256m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Duser.dir=/hazeltine1/users/ags
/arcgis/java/manager/service/tomcat -Dcatalina.base=/hazeltine1/users/ags/arcgis
/java/manager/service/tomcat/managerappserver -Djava.endorsed.dirs=/hazeltine1/u
sers/ags/arcgis/java/manager/service/tomcat/common/endorsed /hazeltine1/users/ag
s/arcgis/java/manager/service/tomcat/bin/bootstrap.jar start

Ensure that the ps command is used from the /usr/ucb directory and not the default directory. At the command prompt, use the complete path name, if the /usr/ucb/ directory is not in your path:
% /usr/ucb/ps -auxww | grep java

The above result indicates that the Tomcat process is running successfully and the FAIL result can be safely ignored.

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