Run-time error '61704': Internal application error.

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When executing an AddRelate in a MapObjects application, the following error may occur:

Run-time error '61704': Internal application error.


This error is caused by the Database or Name property of the Table object not being set correctly.

Solution or Workaround

  • Make sure the string passed to the Database property on the Table object contains the correct path to the database file.
  • Check the syntax of the string passed to the Table.Database property.

    Using Jet syntax for an MS-Access table:

    tbl.Database = "c:\mapdata\Streets.mdb" 'MS-Access
    tbl.Name = "Stplus" 'Access Table

    Using DAO syntax for a dBase (version 4) table:

    tbl.Database = "dBASE IV;DATABASE=C:\mapdata\"
    tbl.Name = "streets#dbf"

    The dBase filename must conform to the 8.3 file naming convention.

  • Check the permissions on the database file. If the file permissions are set to Read-Only for the users attempting to AddRelate the file, the error will occur. Change the file permissions to Read-Write (or equivalent) for the users who will be accessing the file using AddRelate.

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