Rotate point symbols

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The following steps show how to set point symbols to a specific rotation angle.


  1. Add the point theme to a view.
    [O-Image] Add Theme button
  2. Open the point theme's attribute table.
  3. Select Start Editing from the Table menu.
  4. Select Add Field from the Edit menu.
  5. Make the field a number field.

    Name the new field something descriptive, such as R_angle. Decimal places are optional.

  6. Use the Edit tool to type in the appropriate rotation angle for each record.

    Negative numbers are acceptable.

    If you leave a record blank in the rotation field, or type in a value of 0 or nil, it will use the rotation value for the previous record.

    If you highlight the corresponding feature in the view with the Select tool, you will see unexpected results; therefore, if you want a feature to display zero rotation, set its rotation value equal to 360.

  7. Select Stop Editing from the Table menu once you have the desired values for each record in the new field.
  8. Save the edits.
  9. Double-click the theme name in the Table of Contents of your view to bring up the Legend Editor.
  10. Double-click the symbol to bring up the Symbol Palette.
  11. Select the appropriate symbol.
  12. Click the Apply button.
  13. Click the Advanced Button.
  14. Select the field that contains the rotation values.
  15. Click the OK button.

    Composite markers cannot be rotated.

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