Renaming an st_geometry attribute in Oracle does not update the st_geometry metadata

Last Published: April 25, 2020


If an st_geometry attribute in Oracle is renamed using the ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN command, the metadata for the table's attribute in the SDE st_geometry_columns and st_geometry_index table is not updated to reflect the new attribute name. If the metadata does not correctly reflect the table's st_geometry attributes name, various st_geometry functionality can fail.

The following example demonstrates how to rename an st_geometry attribute using the ALTER TABLE command:

SQL> ALTER TABLE streets RENAME COLUMN str_shp TO shape;

Table altered.


The cause of the problem is Oracle bug 7190948. See Oracle's MetaLink in the Related Information section below for additional information.

Solution or Workaround

There is no available workaround to the problem. The table's st_geometry attribute must be renamed back to the original name value.

If it is necessary to rename the st_geometry attribute, recreate the table specifying the new name of the st_geometry attribute.

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