Remove the Map Web part manually from Microsoft SharePoint

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to remove the Map Web part manually from Microsoft SharePoint. The ESRI Map Web Part is designed to be deployed, configured, and used on a Microsoft SharePoint site. The product contains a command line utility named SpConfigUtility, which enables the Map Web part on SharePoint Web applications, site collections, and subwebs to be installed and uninstalled. If the Map Web part needs to be uninstalled, the easiest option is to run the SpConfigUtility with the -uninstall option. If more control over the uninstall process is needed, use the steps included to manually remove the Map Web part from a SharePoint site.


There are two options: use SharePoint administrative tasks in a browser or use SharePoint utilities on the command line.


1) In a Web browser, navigate to the root of any Web applications and deactivate the Web part.

 a) Go to Site Actions > Site Settings.
b) Click on Site Collection Features.
c) Next to ESRI Map Web part, click Deactivate.

2) Make sure the Web part has been deleted from the gallery.

 a) Go to Site Actions > Site Settings 
b) Click on Web parts.
c) In the gallery, look for ESRIMapWebPart. If it is still there, click the button to Edit it.
d) Click Delete Item.

Make sure Steps 1 and 2 are performed for all Web applications to which the Web part has been deployed.

3) Navigate to the SharePoint Central Administration site and retract and remove the Web part's solution package.

 a) Click the Operations tab.
b) Under Global Configuration, click Solution Management.
c) Click esri.arcgis.webparts.wsp.
d) Click Retract Solution.
e) On the Retract Solution page, make sure 'Now' is selected for 'Retract When?' and 'All content Web applications' is selected from 'Retract From?'
f) Click OK.
g) On the Solution Management page, wait until the Status changes from Retracting to Not Deployed. Refresh the page to check the Status.
h) Once the Status is Not Deployed, click esri.arcgis.webparts.wsp again.
i) Click Remove Solution.
j) Click OK on the confirmation message box.

Command Line

1) Open a command prompt and navigate to the SharePoint bin directory. For example: <Program Files>\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\bin.

2) Use stsadm to deactivate the Web part feature. For each Web application to which the Web part has been deployed, enter the following command, where <url> is the url of the Web application:

stsadm –o deactivatefeature –name esrimapwebpart –url <url>

To view a list of Web applications to which the Web part is deployed, use the following command. The Web applications are listed under the entry for esri.arcgis.webparts.wsp.

stsadm –o enumsolutions

3) Uninstall the Web part feature by entering the following command:

stsadm –o uninstallfeature –name esrimapwebpart

4) Globally retract the Web part’s solution package from all Web applications by inputting the following command:

stsadm –o retractsolution –name esri.arcgis.webparts.wsp –allcontenturls –immediate

5) To ensure the retraction completes before trying to delete the solution package, enter the following command:

stsadm –o execadmsvcjobs

6) To remove the solution package, type the following command and press Enter:

stsadm –o deletesolution –name esri.arcgis.webparts.wsp

Optional: Delete any existing instances of the Map Web part. This is not required, but after completing the steps above, existing instances of the Map Web part will be displayed as an Error Web part.

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