PythonWin is not installing correctly on Windows Vista

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The installation of PythonWin on Windows Vista is producing error messages:

"Could not create key

"Could not set key value
Python2.4 pywin32-207"

"Could not set key value
C:\Python24\\Removepywin32.exe -u C:\Python24\\pywin32-wininst.log"

The installation appears to run after clicking 'OK' through these messages, but after the installation is complete, the program is not available from the program list.


Vista Security Settings does not allow items to be installed easily.

Solution or Workaround

To install PythonWin correctly, the Vista security has to be bypassed.
It is suggested to remove any pre-existing or partial installations of PythonWin before attempting to install it again.

  1. Open the Installation DVD and navigate to the PythonWin folder. It is located under the Desktop folder of the installation DVD.
  2. Step through the installation program.
  3. After the installation is complete, click the Start Button and navigate to Programs and verify that the PythonWin program is available in the Python 2.x directory.

    ArcGIS 9.1 - Python 2.1 Directory
    ArcGIS 9.2 - Python 2.4 Directory
    ArcGIS 9.3/9.3.1 - Python 2.5 Directory

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