PUTTILE, VERIFYLAYER and ADDLAYER check features are within the tile boundary

Last Published: April 25, 2020

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How do the LIBRARIAN commands PUTTILE, VERIFYLAYER, and ADDLAYER determine that the data being put into or already in a library tile directory lie within the boundaries of the individual tiles?


Only the .../DATABASE/INDEX fuzzy tolerance is used in the determination.

PUTTILE checks features being put into the library, making just one comparison to the input BND coordinates. VERIFYLAYER and ADDLAYER check features already stored in the tile directories. These two commands make one comparison per tile. For each tile, the BND coordinates of the tile's map section is checked.

A coverage's BND coordinates define the two diagonal corners of the smallest rectangle that can contain a coverage's non-tic features. In other words, the BND coordinates are the minimum and maximum coordinates of all the non-tic coverage features.

The BND for a tile .../DATABASE/INDEX polygon is determined as if a coverage contained that one tile polygon. The tile polygon BND is expanded by the INDEX fuzzy tolerance. The expanded BND is compared to either the input or layer's map section BND. The input, or layer's map section, BND, must fit within the expanded tile polygon BND.


A layer map section is a coverage that resides in a tile directory. The map section contains data for just the layer and the tile.

When the input BND fails to fit within the expanded tile polygon BND, PUTTILE does not move the input to the tile directory.

VERIFYLAYER and ADDLAYER display the message "Map section not entirely within tile boundary" when a layer map section BND fails to fit within the expanded tile polygon BND. Also, 'N' for 'not present' is written to the tile's record on the .../DATABASE/INDEX.PAT layer item. This means ARCPLOT commands does not display any LIBRARIAN data for this tile and layer.

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