Publishing a map results in empty or missing data frames in the Published Map

Last Published: April 25, 2020


After publishing a map the published map is empty or has missing data frames.

ArcReader may crash when trying to open the published map.


Publisher is unable to work with grouped data frames. In ArcMap's layout view when multiple data frames are selected and grouped, the data frames are not published.

If all of the data frames are in the same group, ArcReader opens the published map, but it appears empty. If the map contains a mixture of grouped and ungrouped data frames, the ungrouped data frames display in ArcReader. In this mixed state, if a dataframe in the group is the active data frame, ArcReader crashes while trying to open the published map.


Un-group the data frames in ArcMap before publishing.

    Article ID:000007659

    • ArcReader 9 x
    • ArcReader 8 x

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