Zoom in and Zoom out tools are slow when MapTips are turned on


When working in Data View, the Zoom In and Zoom Out tools may be slow. In addition, the area selection box may not start and end where designated.


MapTips is causing a problem with the data frame interaction tools, specifically Zoom In and Zoom Out. The problem increases as more visible layers are added with MapTips turned on.

Solution or Workaround

Turn off Map Tips using either of the methods outlined below:

  • Manually turn off Map Tips for one or more layers in your map:

    1. Right-click the layer in the Table of Contents > Properties.

    2. Click the 'Under the Display' tab and uncheck 'Show MapTips.'

  • Use VBA to turn off all of the layers' MapTips:

    1. Open the Visual Basic Editor.
    A. In ArcMap, click Tools > Macros > Visual Basic Editor.

    B. Open the Project ThisDocument module and paste in the code.

    C. Run the macro.

    [O-Image] How to run a vba script
    2. Run the following code:

    Public Sub MapTipsOff()
    Dim pMxDoc As IMxDocument
    Dim pMap As IMap
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim pLayer As ILayer

    Set pMxDoc = Application.Document
    Set pMap = pMxDoc.FocusMap

    For i = 0 To pMap.LayerCount - 1
    Set pLayer = pMap.Layer(i)
    pLayer.ShowTips = False
    Next i
    End Sub

Article ID:000002881

  • ArcMap 8 x

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