Why can't I print, select paper sizes, or select printers in Atlas?

Solution or Workaround

Why do I get a variety of printing error messages or problems when printing in Atlas?

Atlas sometimes has a problem with detecting multiple printer drivers.

The drivers for printers are installed when a printer is added in Control Panel | Printers.

Try uninstalling each printer, including the one you want to print to, by deleting the icon in Control Panel | Printers.

Add each printer back one at a time.

After each install, do a test print of the map to see if the problem disappears.

If that does not solve the problem, consider the following:

-Make sure the printer has the most current driver installed.
-Try using non-postscripting driver.
-Try printing as a graphics option.

If you still have printing problems, go to Atlas GIS and Copy Visible Page, and paste it into Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other program and print. If the problem goes away, this may be an option for printing. If the problem persists, then it's a printer issue and you may need to configure your printer with more memory or a new driver.

For labels that will not print:

-Select "visible" for labels - do not use "hidden" or "unique fit"
-Turn off the frame around the label
-Try without using the printer's font settings.
-Use True Type Fonts - download soft fonts if available for your printer.

If symbols are the problem, make sure there is a Cartas.ttf file in the Atlas

If you are working in a project file, try closing the project file and open each of the components in the project file seperately.

Save as a new project and try printing the new project file.

Opening files individually will take time. All settings such as labels, themes and other parameters will have to be recreated.

Another option is to print to an output file and print outside of Atlas.

To do this, click the printer icon in the Atlas toolbar and check the box for "Output to File".

This will bring up a small dialog box to name your file.

Then bring up a DOS window and enter the following to print the file:

c:\copy /b outputfilename printer


c:\copy /b test lpt1
c:\copy /b test \\theserver\laser4

If you are having problems selecting the paper size or the specific printer
within Atlas, select these options from the Printers icon in the Control Panel before going into Atlas.
If you are using patterns, try switching to solid colors. Atlas 4.0 may have problems printing patterns.

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