What should be done with the *.dat file that is received from

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When e-mailing an authorize.txt file to, a *.dat file is received from


For security purposes, e-mail servers, most commonly Microsoft Exchange, may convert attachments to *.dat files. This behavior is heavily dependent on the e-mail server configuration. See the e-mail server administrator for details.

Solution or Workaround

When an authorize.txt file is uploaded to a 'Response File' denoted by the '*.respc' or '*.resps' extension is normally returned. Depending on the security requirements and configuration of the e-mail server, particularly with Microsoft Exchange, this '*.respc' or '*.resps' file is converted to a *.dat file.

There are two possible solutions to this issue.

Solution 1

Provided the conversion process has not corrupted the attachment, rename the *.dat file accordingly:

For licensing ArcGIS Desktop: *.respc

For licensing ArcGIS License Manager: *.resps

Double-click the authorization file to complete the authorization process.

Solution 2

If the ArcGIS License Manager is being authorized, use the workflow provided in the following knowledge base article, "HowTo: Authorize ArcGIS License Manager 10 Offline (by way of email or file upload)", to run through the authorization process a second time.

Article ID:000011057

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