Websites created with the Silverlight builder do not display in the list of available builder applications


Websites created with the ArcGIS Application Builder for Microsoft Silverlight are not listed in the Current Viewer Applications and cannot be edited.


Permission related issues are preventing the software from writing to the 'sites.xml' configuration file.

Solution or Workaround

Inside the builder application's App_Data folder, add the 'Everyone' group to the access control list (ACL). Then modify the 'sites.xml' file to reflect the current application's status.

  1. Add the 'Everyone' group to the App_Data folder's access control list.

    A. Open Windows Explorer and browse to <Silverlight Application Builder file path>\WWWROOT\Builder.
    B. Right-click the App_Data folder and select Properties.
    C. Click the Security tab.
    D. Click the Edit button.
    E. Click the Add... button.
    F. Select Locations... and click the top level, local machine. Click OK.
    G. In the 'Enter the obect names to select' dialog box, type 'Everyone' and select Check Names.
    H. The 'Everyone' group should now be underlined. Click OK.
    I. In the Permissions for App_Data ACL list, select 'Everyone' and select the option to allow the 'Everyone' group full control of this folder.

    Future sites built with the Application Builder for Silverlight are now editable through the interface.
  2. It is necessary to manually edit the 'sites.xml' file to bring existing sites into the Application Builder for editing.

    A. Open <Silverlight Application Builder file path>\WWWROOT\builder\App_Data\sites.xml with a text editor.
    B. Between the <Site> tags, create a new element as shown below.
    <Name>site name</Name>
    <Url> name</Url>
    <PhysicalPath>C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Apps\site name</PhysicalPath>
    <IISHost xsi:nil="true" />
    <IISPath xsi:nil="true" />
    <Description />

    Be sure to use a different siteID for each site created. Modify the XML above for the specific configuration.

    The missing sites can now be edited using the ArcGIS Application Builder for Microsoft Silverlight.

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