URL is invalid or ArcIMS is not running in Administrator


When attempting to run ArcIMS Administrator the status area displays the message:

"The URL http://<serverURL> is invalid or ArcIMS is not running".


This error is generated when either

· ArcIMS Administrator is unable to connect to the ArcIMS Servlet Connector

- OR -

· The servlet connector is unable to connect to the ArcIMS Application Server.

Solution or Workaround

There are several possible causes of these two states. Please proceed through the following diagnostic steps in the order they are given.
  1. Confirm that the ArcIMS Application Server has been started.

    · Windows: Look for ArcIMS Application Server in the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services panel and confirm that its status is Started.

    · UNIX & Linux : Try
    ps -ef | grep appsrvr

    If it is running you should see a response similar to this:
    ims40 24543 1 0 16:03:09 ? 0:00 /bin/sh aimsappsrvr start
    ims40 25328 25321 0 12:45:44 pts/11 0:00 grep appsrvr

  2. Confirm that your Web server has been started. In a browser, try typing the URL that ArcIMS Administrator is using, for example, http://yourmachine.

    There are two common error pages when this is failing:

    · "HTTP 404 - File Not Found"
    · "Cannot find server or DNS Error"

    The first error is acceptable; it means your Web browser found the Web server and the Web server is running.

    The second error indicates a network error or a typographic error in the URL. It indicates that the Web browser couldn't find the Web server machine you listed in the URL. You may need to consult with your network administrator to help solve this issue. Some things to try:

    · Use the IP address for your Web server instead of the DNS name.
    · Try using a fully qualified domain name, for example,
    · If your Web server is running on a port other than 80, try appending ":port#" after the URL. For example if your Web server is running on port 8000 try "".

  3. Confirm that the ArcIMS Servlet Connector is correctly configured by running the first test on the ArcIMS Diagnostics page.

    If this test is not successful there are two common problems:

    · The servlet engine is not configured properly with your Web server.

    · The ArcIMS servlet connector was not installed properly.

    Try a sample servlet that installs with your servlet engine. If it works, most likely the ArcIMS servlet connector was not installed or configured properly. If the sample servlet does not work, correct the servlet engine installation.

    Here are some sample servlet URLs:

    Tomcat: http://<serverURL>/examples/servlet/HelloWorldExample
    ServletExec or JRun: The administrator utility for ServletExec or JRun.

  4. If the first test works in the ArcIMS Diagnostics but the second test does not, check the appServerMachine variable in the Esrimap_Prop file. This file is located with the ArcIMS Servlet Connector files in the servlet engine's installation directory, e.g. under <Tomcat>\webapps\servlet\WEB-INF\classes.
    Confirm that the variable is set to the the machine name where the ArcIMS Application Server component was installed.
    Correct the variable if necessary and restart your Web server and servlet engine.

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