Updating the License Manager after changing the license.dat file on UNIX

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround

When adding seats or changing the license.dat file, the license manager daemon needs to be updated to these changes. How do I do this?


The license manager only reads the license.dat file on startup or execution of the lmreread command.

After appending a FEATURE line to an existing license.dat file, stop and restart the lmgrd daemon or use the "lmreread" command.

cd $ARCHOME/sysgen
./lmutil lmreread -c license.dat

If lmreread does not activate the feature, stop and start the license manager with the commands:

$ARCHOME/sysgen/lmutil lmdown -c $ARCHOME/sysgen/license.dat

$ARCHOME/sysgen/lmgrd -c $ARCHOME/sysgen/license.dat > /dev/console &

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