Unexpected annotation is displayed in an ArcMap Service


Unexpected annotation displays when viewing an ArcMap Service.

For example, a map containing a street layer is served using ArcMap Server. The map also contains an annotation group layer for the street names. The visibility for this annotation group layer has been turned off in the map document. This is done in the Annotation Groups tab of the Data Frame Properties dialog. Therefore, in the original map, the street names are not visible. However, when the map is viewed as an ArcMap Service, the street names are visible.


ArcMap Server does not honor the visibility setting for annotation groups. These groups will always be visible.

Solution or Workaround

You can delete map annotation layers that you do not wish to display. If you wish to allow the user to have the option to turn annotation on and off, you will need to create a geodatabase annotation feature class. See the ArcGIS help topic "Annotation in the geodatabase" for more information.

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