Unable to specify a double field when configuring feature search using the By Layer option in ArcGIS Online


In ArcGIS Online, it is possible to locate the features of a map based on a specific layer. This provides an additional option instead of performing a search using addresses. To do this, enable the By Layer option in the web map Application Settings. However, features with the Double field type do not display in the layer selection when configuring feature search settings, as explained in ArcGIS Online: Configure feature search.

This article shows an example of a Stores - Customer layer comprising 10 features: one ObjectID, three string fields (ADDRESS, CITY, STATE), and six double fields (CUSTID, LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, SALES, STOREID, ZIP).

These are the field types.

Attempting to configure feature search settings to select a ZIP feature (a double field) using the By Layer option is not possible as double fields do not display in the drop-down. Only string fields (ADDRESS, CITY, STATE) are displayed.

Double fields do not appear in the By Layer selection.


This is a known limitation. Only string and integer fields without coded domains are searchable using feature search. This is documented in ArcGIS Online: Configure feature search.

Solution or Workaround

  1. In ArcGIS Online, add a new string field. For more information, refer to ArcGIS Online: Add or delete a field. The image below shows a new string field, ZIP COPY, is created.
This is the new String field.
Adding or deleting fields in ArcGIS Online is possible for hosted feature layers, but not feature layers.
  1. Populate the new string field with data from the desired double field. In this example, the new ZIP COPY feature is populated with data from the ZIP feature using SQL.
    1. Click the header of the new field and click Calculate > SQL.
    2. In the Calculate Field window, specify the new string field as the equivalent of the double field by selecting Numeric and the desired double field. In this example, the ZIP feature is selected.
    3. Click CALCULATE.
This is the Calculate Field window.

The new string field is populated with data from the double field.

This is the newly populated String field.
  1. Save the web map.
  2. Configure the feature search once again using the steps in ArcGIS Online: Configure feature search. The new string field containing data from the double field displays in the feature selection. In this example, the ZIP COPY feature is displayed.
The new String field displays in the layer selection.
  1. Save the changes.

In ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, the feature layer configured displays in the search bar drop-down. Performing a feature search on data originally from a double field is possible.

The configured layer appears for the search operation.

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