Unable to repair a broken data source for My Hosted Services in ArcMap


The data source connection for a feature service that is added to ArcMap is broken. The feature service is visible in ArcCatalog, but when attempting to repair the connection to the data source via the Layer Properties dialog box, Properties > Source tab > Set Data Source > My Hosted Services, the path to the feature service cannot be found.


The feature service may have a broken data link if the data source that it references has been moved, renamed, deleted, or is inaccessible. Feature services that are added to ArcMap use their REST page URL as the data source link. The Set Data Source button is only for feature classes and not for feature services.

Solution or Workaround

Follow either option below to resolve the issue.

  • Option A

    To repair a broken data source of the feature service, remove and re-add the particular layer from the new feature service location.

  • Option B

    Create a local copy of feature services. This creates local feature classes from the feature service data that can be used for setting data sources from ArcMap. For further information, please refer to Making a local copy of a feature service for editing.

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