Unable to create ArcMap services when using a multiple spatial server configuration


You are unable to create ArcMap Services with an ArcMap virtual server using a distributed spatial server configuration.


If the ArcIMS output directory is not accessible by any of the spatial servers used by the ArcMap virtual server, you will not be able to create ArcMap services.

When using multiple spatial servers, distributed across many computers, the ArcIMS output directory should be shared and accessible by all the spatial servers.

Solution or Workaround

In ArcIMS 9.2 an ArcMap service can be successfully created even if the output directory created during the time of service creation is incorrect or not writable.

  • Check if the output directory (Web Site Directory) specified in the ArcIMS Site Properties dialog is valid, that is, does it exist.

    If the output directory does not exist, specify a valid output directory (using UNC path).
  • Check if the output directory is shared.

    If it is not, share the output directory.
  • Check if the user of the spatial server machine has write access to the output directory.

    If the user does not have this privilege, use a ArcIMS user who has write access to the output directory, or provide write access for the current user.

  • Check if the administrative user (username/password) used to start the ArcIMS Monitor on all computers running spatial servers has write access to the output directory.

    If not, provide write access to the output directory for the administrative user.

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