UML Models created with a Visio 2003 template conflict with ArcGIS 10 .dll files

Last Published: April 25, 2020


UML Models created with a Visio 2003 template conflict with the ArcGIS 10 .dll files that Visio references.

Limitations are encountered when using the Semantic Checker in Visio 2003.


Visio 2003 and the library for the UML Semantic Checker are missing.

Visio 2003 does not accept the new library 'ESRI.ArcGIS.UmlSemanticsChecker.tlb' provided under the \ArcGIS\Desktop10.0\bin folder.

Solution or Workaround

To use the Visio 2003 template, it is necessary to perform the same procedure to the template.

If planning to use Visio 2007 and the Visio 2007 template 'ArcInfo UML Model (Visio 2007).vst', the template contains the latest code change and works out-of-the-box.

  1. Open the UML model:

    a) Run the Visual Basic Editor application (Alt + F11).

    b) In the VBE application, click the Modules folder in the tree view.

    c) Select the module named 'ESRI' and right-click the mouse to display the menu option. Select the menu option named 'Remove ESRI'. Do not export this module.

  2. After deleting the module, in the tree view, select the 'Visio_Model_Diagram' project and right-click the mouse button to insert a new 'Module'.

    a) Rename the new module 'SemanticChecker'.

    b) Copy the code below and paste it to the new module.
    Sub SemanticChecker()
    Dim SemanticChecker As ESRI_ArcGIS_UmlSemanticsChecker.SemanticsChecker
    Set SemanticChecker = New ESRI_ArcGIS_UmlSemanticsChecker.SemanticsChecker
    End Sub

    Visio 2003 VBE application

  3. In the VBE application, reference the new semantics checker called 'ESRI ArcGIS UmlSemanticsChecker'.
    If the reference to 'ESRI ArcGIS UmlSemanticsChecker' is missing in the VBE References dialog box, browse to the reference 'ESRI.ArcGIS.UmlSemanticsChecker.tlb' located in the \ArcGIS\Desktop10.0\bin folder

    Visio 2003 VBE references

  4. Once the code is copied and pasted, and the 'ESRI ArcGIS UmlSemanticsChecker' is referenced, click the Save button and close the VBE application.

    - In Visio 2003, save the UML model and restart Visio 2003.

    This is needed to apply the changes to the UML model.

  5. In Visio 2003, select the Tools | Macro option menu. The new module called 'SemanticChecker' should be visible.

    Remember that the Semantic Checker only works for the UML model modified and steps 1-4 have to be performed for each UML model to run the Semantic Checker.

  6. Ensure that the following keys are set in the system registry:

    32-bit path:


    64-bit path:


    If the following keys are not set in the registry, they can be created.

    System Registry


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