TIFF image may display slowly if Planarconfiguration tag is 2

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Some TIFF images display very slowly in ARCPLOT, ARCEDIT, GRID, and even in ArcView.


The TIFF Planarconfiguration tag may be set to a value of 2. This tag influences how much data is read at a time as the image is displayed. ArcInfo and ArcView take a long time to display images with this tag set to 2.

When the Planarconfiguration tag is set to 1, images display much faster in ArcInfo and Arcview.

For example; one test image with this tag set to 2 will take 2 minutes to display. When the same image is converted to a TIFF with this tag set to 1, the image will display in 2 seconds.

Solution or Workaround

Use CONVERTIMAGE at the Arc prompt to create a new TIFF. CONVERTIMAGE will not set the Planarconfiguration tag. When this tag is not set, the image is read with the default Planarconfiguration value of 1 (per TIFF 5.0 specifications).

You can find on the web TIFF tag dumping utilities that display the tag settings in a command window. Displaying the Planarconfiguration tag will show if it is set to 1, 2, or not set at all.

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