The output LAS dataset is not displayed or colorized when running the Colorize LAS tool in ArcGIS Pro

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The Colorize LAS tool applies colors from orthographic imagery to lidar points. When running the Colorize LAS tool with an LAS dataset as the input, the lidar points are not displayed or colorized in the output LAS dataset.


The LAS dataset is missing spatial reference information.

Solution or Workaround

Specify a spatial reference for the LAS dataset using the Extract LAS tool before using the dataset in the Colorize LAS tool.

  1. Under the Analysis tab, click Tools in the Geoprocessing group to open the Geoprocessing pane.
  2. In the Find Tools field, type Extract LAS, and select the Extract LAS (3D Analyst Tools) tool in the search results.
  3. Under Input LAS Dataset, browse to the LAS dataset.
  4. Under Target Folder, select a folder to locate the output LAS dataset.
  5. Under Output LAS Dataset, set a name for the output LAS dataset.
An image of the Extract LAS tool pane.
  1. In the same Geoprocessing pane, click the Environments setting. Under Output Coordinate System, click Select coordinate system An image of the Select coordinate system icon..
  2. In the Coordinate System dialog box, select the desired coordinate system for the LAS dataset, and click OK.
The coordinate system of the output LAS dataset must be the same as the input imagery used in the Colorize LAS tool. 
An image of the Coordinate System dialog box.
  1. Click Run to execute the tool. The output LAS dataset contains a spatial reference. Use the output LAS dataset in the Colorize LAS tool to obtain the desired result.

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