The newly created table view doesn't display in the specified directory


After creating a Table View, it does not appear in ArcCatalog.


Table views are the table equivalent of a feature layer. The Make Table View tool creates a table in memory. ArcCatalog does not display these tables, but they can be used as inputs to other geoprocessing tools in the session in which you are working. Once you exit the application, the tables in memory are removed.

Solution or Workaround

Instructions provided show how to convert a table view to a table within a personal geodatabase or a folder.

  1. Start ArcToolbox.
  2. Click Conversion Tools > To Geodatabase.
  3. Double-click 'Table to Geodatabase (multiple)'.
  4. Click the 'Input Table' dropdown list and highlight and click Table View.
  5. For 'Output Geodatabase', specify a folder or personal geodatabase. Click OK.

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