The Calculate Field tool expression does not evaluate model variables of type string using the expected inline variable substitution convention

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When using the Calculate Field tool in a model, if the Calculate Field expression requires a model variable of type string. That model variable must be enclosed in quotes. For example, the following Calculate Field tool expressions convert a model variable (of type string) to uppercase:

VB:     	UCase("%StratumName%")                                     
... and not     UCase(%StratumName%)
Python :	("%StratumName%").upper()  
... and not 	(%StratumName%).upper()  

Without the quotes, the model fails. The illustration below shows an example model with relevant parameters:



The VBScript and Python expressions fail because the model convention of denoting model variables with surrounding '%' signs is not recognized in the model builder manner by the Calculate Field tool expression parser (the Python interpreter or the VBScript interpreter).

Given the above model illustration, there is:

  • a string variable named strIncoming (which has a value of 'abc')

  • a Calculate Field expression of %strIncoming%.upper()

Consequently, the parser searches for a variable named 'abc' and that variable's value to convert to uppercase. However, because it is unable to find the variable named 'abc', the model fails with an error results.

Solution or Workaround

Modify the Calculate Field expression to enclose the string variable in quotes, for example :

VB: UCase("%StratumName%")
Python: ("%StratumName%").upper()

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