Status bar missing total length measurement when using Measure tool.

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When using the Measure tool, the Status bar shows only the segment length, the total length is missing.


The default standard number format has been changed, perhaps by a script or an extension.

Solution or Workaround

Use Avenue to set the number format back to the default:

1. Open a new Script window and type the following:


2. Compile and run the script

See the online help for details on the "SetDefFormat" request.

Alternatively, you may import the project into a new one:

1. Turn off all unneeded extensions and save the project.

2. Exit ArcView.

3. Re-start ArcView with a new project.

4. Select Import from the Project menu.

5. Select the old project

The imported project may have the default number format back. Run the Measure tool and see if it displays the segment length and the total length.

If your project runs a script or extension that changes the number format, the Measure tool will again fail to display the total length. Forcing a change to the default number format may produce some unexpected results with that script or extension.

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