Some geoprocessing tools appear locked in ArcGIS 9.1

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Due to licensing changes, a number of geoprocessing tools appear to be locked when viewed in the ArcToolbox window. This applies to system tools contained in custom toolboxes only.


The appearance of the lock symbol on a tool is due to licensing changes that have occurred. Numerous tools have dropped a license level. For example, ArcInfo license was previously required and now only Editor license needed, and so forth. This creates the appearance of the tool being locked.

Solution or Workaround

While the tools appear to be locked, in reality they are not. They are usable.

Custom toolboxes containing system tools with licensing that has changed display those tools as locked. Though the locked icon is visible the tool is fully usable.

The workaround is to reload the system tool into the custom toolbox. The lock symbol should disappear. Failure to reload the tool causes the lock icon to remain but the tool is usable.

Existing models which contain tools with a license level that has changed are not affected. These models still appear and are operational.

Tools with a license that has not changed and were locked in the past are still locked.

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