Some ArcView 3x symbols do not import properly into ArcMap


When importing from ArcView 3x .avl and .apr files, some symbols do not import properly.


Symbols are defined differently in ArcGIS than they were in ArcView 3x. In some cases, this means that symbols imported from ArcView 3x will not match exactly. In other cases there is no analogy in ArcMap and thus, these symbols cannot be imported.

Solution or Workaround

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  • Begin by importing the .AVL or .APR file to see any results. Then, manually update the unsupported symbols that did not import completely or correctly.
  • If a large number of complex ArcView 3.x symbols are present, customize the symbol import using VB/VBA. To get started, there are several samples in the ArcObjects Developer Help under the heading, Importing from ArcView 3.x.

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