Some ArcView 3.x legends will not import


Some ArcView 3.x legends fail to import in ArcMap.


ArcMap has only limited support for the import of symbology.

Prior to ArcGIS 9.0, ArcMap does not allow you to import certain types of ArcGIS and ArcView 3.x symbology from .lyr and .avl files. Unsupported types include:

1. Raster symbology.
2. Proportional symbols.
3. Charts symbology.
4. Dot density symbology.
5. Multivariate symbology (ArcMap's Quantity by category symbology).

At ArcGIS 9.0 and later versions, raster symbology can be imported from .lyr files only. All other symbology import limitations remain.

Solution or Workaround

  • You can reuse any type of ArcGIS symbology, including all feature and raster symbology, by utilizing ArcMap's layer file concept.

    To reuse symbology from a .lyr file containing a type of symbology not supported by the Import command:

    1. Add the layer file to your map.
    2. Set the data source for the layer to the desired data source (Layer properties > Source tab > Set data source).

    For more information, see the ArcGIS Online Help topics:

    ¤ Saving a layer to disk
    ¤ Repairing broken data links

  • To import symbology from unsupported types of ArcView 3.x .avl files (dot density symbology, raster symbology), you need to do some intermediate level customization with VB or VBA. See the samples in ArcObjects Online.

    Prior to ArcGIS 9.0: Click ArcObjects Online link below and expand Samples > Importing from ArcView 3.x.

    ArcGIS 9.0 and later: Click ArcObjects 9.0 Online link below and expand Samples > Cartography > Importing from ArcVIew 3.x.

    For more information, see the ArcGIS Online Help topics:

    ¤ Importing symbolization in ArcMap
    ¤ Importing an ArcView GIS 3 legend into ArcMap

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  • ArcMap 9 x
  • ArcMap 8 x

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