Size and color are not changing with MARKERSIZE or MARKERCOLOR commands

Solution or Workaround


The look of the marker symbol does not change with the following command sequence:



The commands are in the wrong order.

Specify the MARKERSYMBOL command first. MARKERSYMBOL copies all symbol parameters into the current symbol (number 1000). Commands such as MARKERSIZE and MARKERCOLOR only affect the current symbol (number 1000). Changes to the current symbol are not reflected in the original symbol unless the MARKERPUT command is used. MARKERPUT places the symbol parameters to a user-defined symbol position (number). If a symbol already exists in the position, MARKERPUT overwrites it. This is not permanent until the MARKERSAVE command is issued. Use MARKERINFO to list the parameters for the current marker symbol or any specific marker symbol number.
The $SCALE pseudo-item may be used to change the size of the marker symbol for point features.

In ARCPLOT, MARKERSCALE may be used to scale all marker sizes by a specified amount.

Commands that have an argument require a specific symbol in the command. Commands that do not use the current symbol. See "Drawing Coverage Features" in the ARCPLOT Command Reference.

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