SHADETYPE STIPPLE produces shading with inconsistent sizes

Solution or Workaround


SHADETYPE STIPPLE produce shading with inconsistent sizes when plotted via any of the graphics translators.


SHADETYPE STIPPLE requires a SHADESIZE to be specified.


Stipples are just like every other type of symbol: they require a size to be specified. All symbols will produce inconsistent results between the screen and the plotter if the size is left at the default (zero). To produce symbols which are consistent in size between the screen and the plotter the size needs to be set to a value greater than zero. The command to specify the size of the SHADETYPE STIPPLE symbol is SHADESIZE.

All symbols require the size to be non-zero in order to produce consistent results between the screen and the plotter. This applies to line, marker, shade and text symbols.

Refer to the ArcInfo command references for SHADETYPE, SHADESIZE, TEXSIZE, LINESIZE, and MARKERSIZE.

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