Service time out in ArcGIS Notebooks before script completion when run on ArcGIS Server services


In ArcGIS Notebooks, when running a script on ArcGIS Server services, a service time out is encountered before the script completes.


  • The size of the dataset used in the script is too large, so the processing time exceeds the service time out duration specified in ArcGIS Server Manager.
  • The connection to the ArcGIS Server services exceeds the specified time.

Solution or Workaround

Extend the time out value of the service.

  1. In the ArcGIS Server Manager window, click Services > Manage Services.
  2. Select and click a map service.
The Manage Services page on the Services tab in ArcGIS Server Manager
  1. Under Editing: Site (root), click Pooling to access the Specify Service Timeouts section.
  2. Modify the parameters of the Specify Service Timeouts to the desired time out values.
  3. Click Save and Restart.
The Pooling tab and the Specify Service Timeouts section in ArcGIS Server Manager

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