Scale bar width for an ArcMap Server GET_LAYOUT request differs from expectations

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Accessing a layout from an ArcMap Service is only available using a custom client. A custom client can access the layout, as well as, change the spatial extent of a data frame within the layout.

The width of the scale bar in the output layout may be different than in the original ArcMap document layout.


Two things may be causing this:

1. The scale bar resizing property in the original map document is set to 'adjust width'. This causes the scale bar width to change when the scale of the data frame is changed. This is expected behavior.

2. Using the ENVELOPE command to change the spatial extent of a layout data frame may result in scale bars that do not adjust correctly.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Check the scale bar resizing properties in the original map document. To access the scale bar properties, double-click the scale bar. If it is set to 'adjust width', change this to 'adjust division value'.
    [O-Image] ScaleBarPropScaleUnits
  2. In ArcIMS version 4.0.1, use the ENVELOPE command to change the spatial extent of a layout data frame without affecting the width of the scale bar.

    In ArcIMS version 4.0, use the SCALE tag within the GET_LAYOUT request to change the spatial extent of layout data frames.

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