Saved changes in Site Editor in the ArcGIS Hub (Open Data) site are not visible


In some instances, when changes are made in Site Editor, the changes are not visible in the 2.x Open Data site. The updates can be saved, but when the View Site option is clicked, the changes are not visible. Clearing the browser cache or viewing the updates in a different web browser does not resolve the issue.


This issue occurs when a legacy site has the same subdomain as the 2.x Open Data site. This typically occurs after upgrading a legacy site with a custom domain and attempting to make changes to the 2.x Open Data site. Since the legacy site is the public site that allows users to design theĀ 2.x Open Data site before making the site live, the site URL on the legacy site and the 2.x Open Data site appear to be the same.

Solution or Workaround

Modify the subdomain (site URL) of the legacy site, for example, by appending the numeralĀ 1 to the URL. Additionally, ensure the 2.x Open Data site is shared with the public. For more information on modifying the subdomain and site sharing in ArcGIS Hub (Open Data) Site Manager, refer to the following web help pages, Configure your Open Data site: Custom URL and ArcGIS Hub: Site sharing.

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