Related tables do not display in an ArcGIS Online Story Map

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The related record of a feature layer shown in the web map in ArcGIS Online does not appear in the pop-up of an ArcGIS Online Story Map.

Screenshot of the Story Map pop-up without a related table.


This is expected behavior. An ArcGIS Online Story Map does not display a relationship class of a feature layer in a pop-up. The pop-up display in story maps is simplified to reduce excessive information, buttons, and links from appearing in a pop-up; in this case, related records are not displayed as the records are primarily used for analysis.

Solution or Workaround

As a workaround, create a web app from the web map containing the related record with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS. Embed the web app to the story map by the following steps:

  1. Create a web app from the web map containing the related record with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS. For more information on creating a web app, refer to ArcGIS Help: Make your first app.
  2. Once the web app is created, copy the URL of the web app.
  3. Go to Story Map Journal and click BUILD A MAP JOURNAL to create a story map.
    The interface to embed the web app may vary depending on which Story Map template is used. This workflow uses the Story Map Journal and Story Map Series templates. For more information on the interface to embed a web app in a Story Map Series, Story Map Journal, and Story Map Cascade, refer to ArcGIS Blog: Embedding a Story Map within a Story Map.
  4. In the WELCOME TO Map Journal Builder window, click START.
  5. Enter a title for the story map and click the Next button The Next button..
  6. In STEP 1: Main Stage Content of the ADD HOME SECTION window, select or create a map then click NEXT.
  7. In STEP 2: Side Panel Content of the ADD HOME SECTION window, enter a description and click ADD.
  8. Click ADD SECTION.
  9. In the ADD SECTION dialog window, select Web page as the content type.
    Screenshot of the Add Section dialog window with Web page highlighted.
  10. Paste the URL of the app in the Web page link field and click Configure.
    Screenshot of adding the web app URL with the Web page link highlighted.
  11. Click Next, select the position of the web app, and click Add. The web app appears in the story map with the related record in the pop-up.
    Screenshot of the Story Map pop-up with the related record highlighted.

Article ID:000017541

  • ArcGIS Web AppBuilder
  • ArcGIS Online

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