Reconcile fatals when encountering thousands of geometric network conflicts


Performing an ArcEditor reconcile or programmatically calling IVersionEdit::Reconcile can possibly fatal if the version contains more than one thousand update/update or more than one thousand update/delete conflicts for any one geometric network feature class.


The reconcile process creates ArcSDE logfiles for managing and filtering update/update and update/delete conflicts for geometric network feature classes. The logfiles are created in sets of 1,000 sde_row_ids and then analyzed in increments of one thousand.

If the number of conflicts for one geometric network feature class exceeds 1,000 there is potential for the process to inadvertently refernece/point to the incorrect row in the current set. This error will only occur if a row in the current or previous set of 1000 rows has been removed from the set. The removal of row (conflict) happens if the row is detected as being a "false" conflict - i.e. both users performed the same operation, such as modifying the same junction feature.

The process will fatal if this event occurs.

Solution or Workaround

Acquire the ArcGIS Desktop patch that resolves the problem by combining the selection sets into one set.

Please inquire with technical support for availability and distribution.

    Article ID:000005178

    • ArcMap 8 x

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