Reclassifying data using a string field gives incorrect results


When reclassifying a raster using a string field, the contents of output raster attribute table may not be as expected.


There are two possible causes for this problem:

· When reclassifying a raster using a string field, grouping values together (right-clicking on a selection of values and clicking Group Entries) results in the wrong information being added to the output raster for the string field.

· Your input raster may contain empty fields.

Solution or Workaround

This issue has been addressed in ArcGIS Version 8.1.2.

In ArcGIS 8.1, the workarounds for the above causes are:

  • Use a numeric field when grouping entries together.
  • Use a numeric field when reclassifying your data. Alternatively, reclassify the empty fields to NoData. Select the empty field in the Reclassify dialog box. Click Delete Entries, then check the 'Change Missing Values To NoData' option.

Article ID:000003342

  • ArcMap 8 x

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