Projecting with COMMAND TOOLS creates a corrupted coverage

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


When using the PROJECT COVERAGE tool to project a coverage the resulting coverage is corrupted.


When a DENSIFY value of 0 is used in the input projection parameters, PROJECT creates a corrupted coverage. On the Windows NT platform, the coverage will be split into many arcs forming a rectangular box that is far outside of the original coverage's boundary. On UNIX, the coverage will have far more arcs with small gaps dispersed throughout them.


Make the following changes to the prj_driver.aml in the $ARCHOME/arctools/projectlib directory.

a) Change line 595 from:

&if ^ [null [value .prj_driver$p_densify]] &then


&if ^ [null [value .prj_driver$p_densify]] and [value .prj_driver$p_densify]_
^= 0_ &then

b) Change line 607 from:

&if ^ [null [value .prj_driver$p_generalize]] &then


&if ^ [null [value .prj_driver$p_generalize]] and [value
.prj_driver$p_generalize]_ ^= 0_ &then
This may apply to version 7.0.4 of ArcTools, and earlier versions.

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